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“See Why Some Agents
Almost Always Make Money Listing Pre-Foreclosure Homes!”

"You List more Pre-Foreclosure Homes Fast With This Proven System That Gets
Your Phone To Ring Off The Hook - GUARANTEED"

Dear Fellow Agent,

    It’s FINALLY here. Your greatest hopes, dreams and wishes are about to be fulfilled.

Imagine how easy it would be when you have all of your foreclosure marketing materials you will ever need, right at your fingertips, ready to go to work for you each and every time you need it.

Imagine not having to slave over coming up with foreclosure ads, sales letters, post cards, special reports and voice recording scripts.

Imagine having all of the battle tested and proven marketing tools that you can use instantly to generate a ton of calls... and a ton of new listings.

  Well, STOP imagining. IT IS HERE. (now you can easily copy my success)

 "But Before We Get Started With The
Actual Foreclosure Marketing, I Want
To Share A Quick Story With You"

   On a beautiful late spring afternoon, seven years ago, two young men graduated from the same Real Estate School.

   They were very much alike, these two young men.

   Both had been better than average students, both were personable and both — as young agents are — were filled with ambitious dreams for the future.

   Recently, these two men met at the National Realtor Convention in Las Vegas.

   They were still very much alike. Both were happily married. Both had three children. And both, it turns out, had gone to work for the same Real Estate agency after graduation, and were still there.

   But there was a difference. One of the men was the manager of a small team of agents at that company. The other was its president.

"So, What Makes The
Difference You Ask?"

   Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in people's lives? It isn't a native intelligence or talent or dedication. It isn't that one person wants success and the other doesn't.

   The difference lies in what each person knows and how he or she makes use of that knowledge.

   And that is why I am writing to you about the "Ultimate Foreclosure Marketing Tool Kit".

   For that is the whole purpose of the Marketing Tool Kit: to give YOU instant knowledge — knowledge that you can use in your Real Estate business.

   With this knowledge you too can list up to 19 Foreclosure homes a month, when you use the Ultimate Foreclosure Marketing Tool Kit.

“This Pre-Foreclosure Marketing Tool Kit Is A 'SYSTEM' Unlike Any Other”  

   Hi, my name is Ron Marek, and I want to help you to make a ton of money in the Foreclosure industry.

   I have been in the Real Estate industry for the past 13 years and I have helped more than 1,487 home owners with their foreclosure.

   Just recently have I created the "Ultimate Foreclosure Marketing Tool Kit" which consists of 6 manuals, 449 pages and 2 CD's chock full of direct response marketing tools that are GUARANTEED to get you up to 19+ new listings every month.

   Oh, and by the way, I have personally used this Battle-Tested and Proven marketing system for the past 2.5 years and amassed more than one Million Dollars in personal commission and my co-listing agents each have made in excess of $147,000.00 per year, just listing and selling pre-foreclosure homes.

   I am not telling you that to impress you, but merely to impress upon you the importance of the information that you have just uncovered.

   Yes, I have been around for a significant amount of time and I have helped others make a tons of money, too.

   So, I hope you take notice when I tell you that this new marketing system is so simple and complete that I had to call it ...

"The World's Easiest and Most Complete 'Ultimate Foreclosure Marketing Tool Kit', Including The Best Ads, Post Cards, Sales Letters, Special Reports and Lead Generation Tools Ever"

   Why do I call it that? Because it simply tells it like it is.

   I've created and successfully tested the easiest to use and most complete marketing materials ever assembled for the Foreclosure industry.

   I have labored over this program for the last two and a half years. I have worked my tail off to get this to you before the industry changes again.

   Now is the perfect time to get more foreclosure listings.

"Are You Prepared For The
Rush of Foreclosure Properties?"

   The Real Estate Industry in in an uproar. Have you noticed? There are more Foreclosures now than at any other time in history.

   1.2 MILLIONS home owners are losing their homes RIGHT NOW.

   Unfortunately, most of 'US' (agents) lack the right marketing tools and therefore we never have a chance to work with them, unless we go 'door knocking'. But then who wants to do that at today's gas prices.

   As you probably know, the Foreclosure industry is a brutally competitive industry but it is also the most lucrative way to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions.

   You see, these home owners HAVE to sell. They are just looking for the right Agent to list their house.

   You have to have a superior marketing system to get the calls from these desperate home owners. They are bombarded with letters, post cards and other mail pieces every day of the week.

   They get up to 180 different mail pieces a week. (You MUST find a way to stand out from the rest or sit by and watch how the other Agents get all of the listing and make all of the money. The decision is YOURS.)

foreclosure marketing
$497   now only $197 you save 60%

"What Out-dated and Decrepit Marketing Weapons Are You Taking Into This Battle With You Now?"

   Are you going into the battle field with your old, worn out and weak marketing materials from yesteryear? Those weak ads that you ran and got little or no response from? The old generic 'sounds like everyone else' ads? 

   If you are ill prepared, you are missing out on today's multi-million dollar foreclosure business and you are going to miss out on the BIGGEST GOLD RUSH in Real Estate in decades.

    Will you be able to capture your fair share of money by "magnetically attracting" new clients to you with the most powerful marketing messages available for the Foreclosure industry?

   Or will you be just another agent that competes for scarps left over by those that are savvy marketers?

This even works for Rookies ...
I am on track to make $125,000 this year with Ron's new system, even though I have only been licensed for less than a year. It's like shooting fish in a barrel with a machine gun.
G. Ball, Mesa, AZ (Former Finance Director)

"Here Are Your Battle-Tested, High Impact, 21st Century Weapons That Let YOU Destroy Your Competition And Dominate Your Local Market"

 foreclosure marketing 
(The following original post cards, letters and Special Reports can be
personalized with your information)

   Check out all of the tools that are included in this huge Foreclosure MARKETING SYSTEM.

   That's right, you are not getting some lame e-book.

   NO, you are getting a finely tuned, tested and proven MARKETING SYSTEM that will generate more calls and more instant listings than you have ever seen.

Specialized Foreclosure Listing Documents

  1. Complete set of 18 pages of special Realtor documents that protect your seller and expedite the sales process. –

    You get our highly specialized and custom Real Estate forms and documents that we developed over time to ensure that your client is protected and that the transaction progresses quickly and smoothly. These documents are used in addition to your regular documents. Some of these document will actually FORCE the buyer to perform to your demands and timelines, or they lose their earnest deposits. In addition, your seller also DICTATES how much money the buyer has to put into escrow and when it becomes non-refundable. So, if the buyer does not perform, then your seller gets thousands of dollars right into his pocket. - value $8,500.00

Killer Direct Mail Marketing Products

  1. 18 Different ˝ page 2 sided post cards - value $1,500.00 each = Total $27,000.00

  2. 2 full blown 4 page sales letters – value $5,000.00

  3. 3 8.5x11 two sided postcards - value $4,500.00

  4. 13 4.5x5.5 unique 2-sided postcards - $19,500.00

    Direct Mail Marketing is THE most powerful form of marketing on the Planet. It allows you to multiply yourself hundreds of times when you send powerful selling messages to your Foreclosure prospects. With this program you get over 36 masterfully written direct response marketing documents that are battle tested and guaranteed to get your phone to ring.

Outrageously Effective Message Scripts

  1. 10 Custom 800# Recorded Message Scripts that you can record and your prospects can listen to before they leave their information

    The "FREE Recorded Message" concept is one of the most powerful in advertising. This is where you offer a "24-hour-a-day Free Recorded Message" to reveal more about 'something significant' to those who read your ad. The trick is that the recorded message is compelling enough to get the caller to leave their name, address and phone number so the they can receive additional information from you. With this marketing program you get ten different "Recorded Message Scripts" that I have written - value $1,875.00 each = Total $18,750.00

Critically Important Foreclosure Reports

  1. The Big Daddy of them all, a 26 page direct response marketing packet that was responsible for AT LEAST $100,000.00 of my personal income.

    This package contains
    a. 1 four-page sales letter
    b. 1 lift note
    c. 1 drop down flyer
    d. 1 - $1,000.00 Gift certificate
    e. 1 Front-Of-The-Line Emergency Response Fax
    f. A 16-page special report that explains in details the pitfalls of a foreclosure and how to avoid them, with testimonials
    g. 1 Free Steak Dinner Certificate
    h. 1 Bold “No Trespassing” Sign that your seller can use to protect himself from vultures and other interruptions  - 

    The Special Pre-Foreclosure Report I to give you is darn near magical. I have used the free report concept all across the nation. It's awesome. Almost nobody else is using it or using it well. From my personal observation, prospects are motivated by the FREE Report. They will call YOU instead of the many other options available to them, just to get the FREE report. - This package value is $45,000.00

Foreclosure Mega Swipe File

  1. 319 ads, mailers, letters and flyers from other people that are pitching your clients for their services. As in any industry, you MUST know what your competition is up to and what they are pitching to your prospect, so that you can find out their weaknesses and exploit them - Valued at $1,295.00

   Does this mean that I - and my techniques and marketing tools - succeed every time? Well, of course not. But I have personally used the EXACT documents and strategies that you get without any work.

   This Ultimate Foreclosure Marketing Tool Kit was directly responsible for generating more than $550,876.00/yr in personal income and that does not even include the fees that I received from refinancing homes or money that I made from fix and flips.

foreclosure marketing
$497   now only $197 you save 60%

I had five new listings in just 3 weeks ...
I was starving for listings before I started with Ron. Now I have 11 Pre-Foreclosure listings and I charge 7% commission on all my Listing agreements. This was the best move I ever made.
J. Dean, Chandler, AZ (Former Deputy Sheriff)

"This Has Got To Be Expensive, Right?
Well, Check This Out ... You Won't Believe It"

   I hope you understand the incredible value of what I am providing in this one-of-a-kind tool kit.

   In addition to the post cards and direct response letters that are proven winners, you are also getting Listing Documents that are critical to your effectiveness as an agent, PLUS you are getting lead generation devices not available anywhere else at ANY price.

   The total REAL value of this package is $129,795.00.

   "It's True! If You Were To Create All Of These Foreclosure Marketing Tools From Scratch It Would Take You Two Years Of Your Life and
Cost You $129,795.00"

   But, if you respond before Midnight then your investment is $497.00 ONLY $ 197.00 (you save 60%%). What could be easier than that?

   I am strictly limiting the number of Tool Kits that are available in your market, because it will lose its effectiveness if too many agents use these tools. 

   That's why you must get your copy right now or possibly lose for ever.

"I Have Only 17 More Foreclosure Marketing Tool Kits At This Low, Low Price. When They Are Gone Then They Are Gone Forever"

   If you don't take advantage of this program right now, then one of your competitors probably will.

   I am not playing favorites, but if you are the 18th order, then I will simply refund you your investment and send you an e-mail message alerting you to that fact.

   You can't blame anyone but yourself, when you get the dreaded e-mail message telling you "Sorry, all available copies were SOLD. You are too late".

   OUCH!!!!!!!!  That'll hurt, won't it?

   So, I urge you to get your tool kit right now before it is too late. Every minute makes a difference on this.

This is the EASIEST way to succeed in Real Estate ...
I have been licensed for seven years, but this is the only program where I got my first commission check in less than 30 days. Thanks Ron.
D. Johnson, Mesa, AZ (former Home Maker)

"Get $ 7,047.00 In FREE BONUSES When You Respond Before Midnight "

   When you respond before the deadline you will receive the following FREE Bonuses valued at $7,047.00:

FAST RESPONSE BONUS #1 - You get all of the documents instantly downloaded so that you can personalize them with your information and you don't have to go through the hassle of recreating them from scratch. You save at least 67 hours of typing and designing the materials, this has easily a no-hassle value of $2,600.00.

FAST RESPONSE BONUS #2 - You receive 4 Private Telephone Consultation Certificates where you can schedule a private one-on-one 30 minute consultation with me. I charge $450.00/hr so you are getting $900.00 of my time for FREE.

FAST RESPONSE BONUS #3 - You get a FREE custom Foreclosure website that you can use in your marketing and direct your clients to for additional information. The fee for designing the website is $3,500.00, but you get it for FREE, plus one month of FREE hosting ($47.00 value).

"There's Even A Remarkably Generous
100% Money-Back GUARANTEE
And I Enjoy A 98.6% Satisfaction Rate!"  

foreclosure tool

I've never heard of any other marketing program coming with a guarantee at all, especially one this strong.

   Your 100% Iron Clad Guarantee: You have 30-Days to examine everything and if the tool kit is not EXACTLY as described above, just return everything and you'll get your money back immediately.

   You too, like many of my other clients, will see that just ONE SALE you make from using this system will give you a 2,534% return ($12,597.00 in commission) on your investment.

   This marketing program continues to give you a 2,534% return over and over and over again ... for years to come for as long as you want.foreclosure tool

  Go ahead and add the Marketing Tool Kit to your cart.

For your convenience I accept -


Or call me at 480-456-4700 with any questions that you may have.

   All the best to you,
    Ron Marek, PhD
    Office: (480) 456-4700 

P.S. Remember, the FREE 'Fast Response Bonuses' worth $7,047.00 are only available when you respond before Midnight . And, this is only available to the first 17 agents. When these 17 packages are gone then I will stop selling them. I URGE you to respond RIGHT NOW ... other agents may be completing their order right now. Don't be left out, do it now.

P.P.S. The marketing tools in the "Ultimate Foreclosure Marketing Tool Kit" are ALL ORIGINAL and have not been used by any other person previously. You will have the exclusive right to use the post cards, letters, recorded scripts, Special Reports and lead generation devices forever and ever. And, the program comes with my unique 100% Money-Back Guarantee. So, you have nothing to lose ... unless other agents get it first.

"But don't take just my word
for it. Read this ..."

This even works for Rookies . . .
I am on track to make $125,000 this year with Ron's new system, even though I have only been licensed for less than a year.
G. Ball, Mesa, AZ (former Finance Director)

This is the EASIEST way to succeed in Real Estate ...
I have been licensed for seven years, but this is the only program where I got my first commission check in less than 30 days. Thanks Ron.
D. Johnson, Mesa, AZ (former Home Maker)

I had five new Foreclosure listings in 3 weeks . . .
I was starving for listings before I started with Ron. Now I have 11 listings and I charge 7% commission on all my ER agreements. This was the best move I ever made. J. Dean, Chandler, AZ (former Deputy Sheriff)

$497   now only $197 you save 60%


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